Friday, August 30, 2013

Cage Rearrangement

I've been playing around with Pinniped and Cannoli's cage.  I moved the hay rack to the second level, which has gotten mixed reviews.  I was hoping to contain the strewn hay to a smaller portion of the cage in anticipation of fleecing the whole lower level this fall, but I don't think a second-floor rack is as convenient for the pigs.

I also switched the shavings from the left side of the cage to under the hammock.  That was much more of a success, especially this summer.  The hot, humid weather makes for a damper and smellier cage; since that's the corner they tended to pee in anyway, I could scoop it out and replace the shavings daily.  It made everyone in the house happier.

Pinni approved
The most recent modification was the addition of a fleece forest on the third level, to entice Pinni and Cannoli to come up there more often.  The third floor used to be one of Pinni's favorite places to hang out, but she hasn't used it so much since we moved.  I sort of botched the instructions, which is a feat since a fleece forest is so easy to make.  I blame it on the lack of material and my desire to have the pattern run up and down rather from side to side.  Regardless, the girls have spent a fair amount of time checking it out.  It may not be perfect to me, but it passes their inspection.

This week, I moved the fleece forest downstairs to see how they liked it.  It's certainly getting lots of use, given the pile of poo underneath.  However, I liked it best upstairs, and will probably move it up there the next time I swap out their fleece.


  1. neat idea
    Ontario Canada.

  2. Nice! Pinni certainly seems pleased with her cage addition.

  3. Very cute! The fleece forests always remind me of car washes - too bad they don't work like that and clean up my stinky pigs so we can all avoid dreaded bath days!


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