Friday, August 9, 2013

Pizza Twist

I had bought several bags of pizza dough that through moving and mishaps was frozen and defrosted a couple of times.  The dough has been a sticky mess to work with and I've had to wrestle it into decent pizza crusts.  I recently came across this recipe, and thought: would a twist be easier to create with my remaining sticky dough than trying to form a proper crust?

So I gave it a try, and I'd say it was fairly successful.  It was easier making these two loaves than getting the dough evenly spread out on a large pizza pan, even if there was a spot or two I couldn't quite pinch closed.  The original recipe mentioned keeping space between the twists and I found that it was necessary, in order for the center of the twist not to be too doughy.  Aside from the doughiness, it came out quite nicely.  I have one last bag of the dreaded sticky pizza dough; I may have to give this twist another try.

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