Saturday, April 5, 2014

On the Edge

Guinea pigs can be so strange.  I've had a few that have this thing about perching on the edge of a drop-off.  One of Pinniped's favorite places to sit is on the third level, right next to the ramp and as close the non-gridded section as she can get.  I'm surprised she hasn't rolled down the ramp.  Don't you think she'd be more comfortable a bit further back?

Seeing Pinni on the edge of the third level reminded me how Bertie perched atop the hidey house.  She was unhappy when I parted her from her beloved hay rack.   When I first blocked access to hay rack, Bertie would sit on the very edge of the stool.  It was as close to the hay rack as she could get without being in it.  It looked like she was half over the side of the stool; I wondered how she balanced like that.

What a disapproving look!

Pinniped sits on the edge because she appears to enjoy it.  I think it's also to draw attention -- how can you walk by that pig without an urge to feed it?  In contrast, I think Bertie's perching was in protest over the hay rack and an effort to get the same view as the hay rack offered. 

Do you have guinea pigs that enjoy precarious perches?

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