Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pinniped Turns Five

Today Pinniped and her non-stop nose turn five years old.  I can't believe she's that old already.

It's been a year of good and bad things.  There was the upheaval of moving to a new home and adjusting to being in the central part of the house.  (Pinni still begs for food from the wrong end of the cage.)  She also gets to beg from me all day, now that I'm working at home (and in the same room!).  But that means lots of attention and the potential for lots of treats.  Not too bad.

Cannoli has been such a good companion for Pinni.  I know she loves the company and they get along so well.  The new place has lots of delicious grass in the yard, which she and Noli spent many afternoons last summer.  I know they'll be thrilled to get outside again, once the weather warms up some more.

Pinni has had a trying year with medical issues.  Her ovarian cysts returned and were quickly treated.  However, her bladder problems made a sudden come-back over the winter.  Pinni had a stone removed, has another calcification somewhere in her body, and stubborn bladder sludge that doesn't want to resolve itself, no matter what the vet and I throw at it. 

Through it all, Pinni has remained her curious, nosy self.  She happily greats visitors in the hopes that they'll feed her.  Happy Birthday, Pinniped.  I wish for a healthier year ahead.

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  1. Happy birthday Pinni! Also wishing for a healthier next year.


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