Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pignic Central

I have in my hand the promise of warmer weather:  the Boston Spring Pignic permit.  It's so nice to dream of warm breezes and green grass after this long cold winter.

In addition to organizing the Boston Pignic, I am one of the administrators of Pignic Central on Facebook.  The page was created as a place to announce upcoming pignics, wherever they may be.  Some pignics we find on our own, others are posted when the organizers contact us.  Pignic Central does not create or host pignics, although the administrators will answer questions to help people start up their own pignic.

The majority of pignics posted on Pignic Central are held in the USA.  I know of a regular pignic in Australia and have heard of one in Canada.  Many are organized by guinea pig rescues, which can draw lots of people and guinea pigs.  Others are very small, attended by a few people in someone's back yard.  Most pignics are held outdoors at local parks.  There was even an indoor pignic held in Boston one year, where guinea pigs hung out in fleece-lined pens.

Pignics are dependent on the weather, although if the pignic site has suitable shelter for guinea pigs and human attendees, it could be held in the rain.  Outdoor pignics have a few things in common: 
  • chemical-free grass, since any grass that is fertilized or treated with weed killer could be harmful to the guinea pigs
  • dog-free - or at least a place that has only the occasional leashed dog (and attendees should keep an eye out for hawks)
  • shady areas for the pens, so that pigs won't get sunburned or heat stroke
  • held in dry, temperate weather, so the guinea pigs aren't too hot or cold and don't get damp feet

Pignics are wonderful opportunities to chat with other guinea pig caretakers, to share information and swap stories.  Guinea pigs are encouraged but not required to attend.  There have been several people who've come to the Boston Pignic sans pigs, just to enjoy the camaraderie and a chance to revel in the cute.

Be sure to stop by Pignic Central for updated information on a nearby pignic, or to ask any questions about attending or starting a pignic.  June through October are the best months to stop in to find updated photos of happy pigs enjoying an afternoon eating grass and meeting other guinea pigs. 

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