Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Sacking

Summer is really here.  We've had several warm days over the last few weeks.  It has left me with a pair of very blobby pigs.  Indoors, outdoors, or on the floor, I often saw a pair of fuzzy puddles when I'd check in on them.

Cannoli has learned the art of sticking her feet out over the edge of the hammock in new and interesting ways.  (I think she may have outdone Pinni.)  Sadly, she leaps out of the hammock when I walk by.  The only photos I've gotten of her in the hammock or out in the open is if she's deeply asleep.  She was out cold when I snapped the photo of her under the hay rack.

I did, however, capture Noli snuggled up to the wrapped ice pack.  In the past she'd only get near it if it was really hot.  This time it was in the upper 70Fs when I found her using it as a pillow.  Perhaps she recalls it from last year?  Maybe it's not so scary.

It's important not to let guinea pigs get overheated.  There's information and tips on keeping them cool on GuineaLynx and Guinea Pigs Australia.

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