Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lots of Little Pigs

My guinea pig earrings were a big hit at the Spring Pignic.  After I finished this year's ornament, I created four more pairs of guinea pig earrings with my remaining studs.  I plan to offer them on CavyMadness.

Experimenting with colors was fun.  I enjoyed mixing different colors, adding spots and creating mismatched feet and ears.  My attempts at creating Willow's orange fur or Teddi's lilac color resulted in some very non-guinea pig colors.  I'll need to work on that.  But I managed to blend several usable shades.  My earrings seem so plain by comparison.  Now that I've created a few more, I can see my basic light colored pigs may be easier to identify at a distance than the darker ones.  The Pippin-looking pair on the far left is my favorite so far.

The front and backs fit together snugly.  I guess that's good, because they won't come apart while someone is wearing them.  However, I'm a little concerned how well the ears and front paws will survive if subjected to a lot of pressure.  These guys have floppier than my first pair's sticky-uppy ears.  I tried to keep them thick, so they could withstand some abuse.  I may need to add a note with the earrings, recommending that the front pieces be handled by their cheeks and noses.

I have put away the Sculpey for now.  My sewing backlog keeps piling up.  I have pillows than need new covers and a pair of capris that I'm converting to shorts (rust stains do not come out).  Plus I've just taken delivery of some material to be used in a surprise quilt.  So exciting!  I may return to the Sculpey in the fall if these earrings become popular.

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  1. These are so cute! I love the differences in each pair. I think they'd be a hit.


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