Thursday, July 31, 2014

Annual Blueberry Pilgrimage

Sunday was my annual pilgrimage to Newbury to pick blueberries from my parent's HUGE blueberry bush.  One of these years I will remember to take photos of the bush itself; no one ever believes how big it is, nor how many blueberries are on it.  My mother and I picked over only half the bush and I brought home 10-14 cups of blueberries.  I considered picking more when it started to pour rain.  I had brought rain gear, just in case.  But I decided I had enough berries.  Silly me - one can never have too many Newbury blueberries!

I didn't have time to wash, dry and freeze them until Tuesday.  My stash dwindled in those two days.  This year's crop is the sweetest I remember.  Normally I freeze all the berries I bring home, but this time I'm leaving 3-4 cups in the fridge for snacking.  The frozen ones will end up in muffins and my blueberry cake.  Yum!

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