Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pieced Pillow Tops

I have too much going on.  It's taking forever to finish even a small project, because I keep getting interrupted to work on something else.  There's just not enough hours in the day!

I've finished two 16" tops for the pillow. The diagonal strings piece is so bright and cheery.  If I made another one, I'd change the colors of the center square.  But other than that, I'm happy with the results.  It will be my little piece of String Theory when that quilt goes to it's new home later this month. 

I think the spiderweb panel is really pretty.  It's my favorite of the two.  I've never pressed open seams on a quilt before.  Quarter inch seams are a pain to press open!  But the results are terrific - the middle of the webs were much easier to line up and stitch through.  I wish I had done this with Northern Lights.  Lesson learned!

Ryco had a sale last Saturday.  If I keep shopping there, I won't be able to fit all of my quilting fabric in a single basket.  I'll need to start planning my next projects so I can use up what I bought.

Along with a few yards of neutral and yellow fabric, I also picked up a yard of Dream Green batting. I heard interesting things about it:  that it's made from recycled plastic bottles, that it quilts nicely and is fairly inexpensive.  I decided to try it with the pillows and a wall hanging I have planned.  The only thing I didn't consider at the time is that it's... ah... green.  Duh.  My spiderweb block has a lot of white in it and the wall hanging has a lot of thin material on it.  That green is going to show through.  So either I need to set this batting aside and buy some white batting, or I'll need to add an extra layer of white fabric to keep the green from showing through.  Not what I had anticipated!

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