Thursday, August 28, 2014

Buried Treasure

With the sewing machine in the shop, I've spent the last week going through my photos.  Thirty year's worth of pictures.  Whew!  I'm weeding through photo albums, keeping the good pictures.  It's freaky how much I've throw away.  The plan is to digitize the ones I keep. 

It's been quite a trip down memory lane.  I'm looking forward to share some of my favorites on Throwback Thursdays.

In with the photos were a variety of old cards, including this birthday card my sister made for me.  Guinea pig, quilting and tea!  My favorite things all together!

There were also a few photos of Wellefleet and Eastham, MA that my sister took with my camera.  I recognized the photos immediately - she's done watercolors based on those pictures.  I'm lucky enough to possess two of those paintings.  The one of Wellfleet center is mine.  The other, which I believe from the walkway at Nauset Light, is on long-term loan.

I cleared out the last photo album last night.  Lots of sorting to do next.  Many of the pictures weren't in any particular order.  I want to get them grouped by year before I send them off to be scanned.

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  1. The watercolors are gorgeous. I especially love the pink and gray feet on the guinea! Looking forward to seeing more.


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