Friday, August 15, 2014

Guinea Pig Spaghetti

Corn season!  I picked up a big bag of husks this week and shredded the lot for drying.  That left a mound of corn silks, which looked to me like a plateful of spaghetti.  Doesn't it?  It just needs some tomatoes on top to complete the picture (however, I'm unwilling to share my few that have ripened).

I grabbed Pinniped and Cannoli to take some photos.  Pinni was more than happy to sit right down and start munching.  Cannoli, as usual, was a bit shy.  She wolfed down a mouthful of silk, but as soon as I moved her to get a better shot, she was gone.  Made a beeline out of the living room to the home base in the kitchen.  Better to hide where it's familiar than to eat good stuff in a strange place.  Noli is such an odd guinea pig.

Pinni stayed to show the proper way of disposing corn silks.  Nom!  And corn silks are supposed to be good for bladder health.  If it helps her issues, that's a bonus.

Noli, exit stage right

Pinni didn't eat the whole plateful, although I'm sure she'd have tried.  I put most of the silk in the fridge for treats this week.  So even though Cannoli high-tailed it out of the photo shoot, she should get her share of the goods in the end.


  1. Great info! What about corn HUSKS? I'll have to try to give some silks to Ralphie, who is above and beyond picky with his food (they'll have to be organic silks).

    1. I've done several posts about corn husks. It's my girls' favorite either fresh or dried. The most recent post was


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