Monday, August 11, 2014

Who Let the Pigs Out

Wheek, wheek, wheek-wheek!

This summer has been pretty good for spending time outside in the yard.  Pinniped and Cannoli had several afternoons in their pen while the weather was dry and sunny.  But we had rain and thunderstorms last week, so they had to stay in.  Friday cleared up and was a perfect day for an outing: sunshine, not too hot, and dry.  There was much happiness!

The grass had grown quite a bit from the rain.  Pinni wasn't sure what to eat first - the wide-bladed grass or the clumps of clover.  She kept chewing as she moved from one spot to the other.  Cannoli preferred whatever she could find under the house.  She's so hard to photograph!  That chicken runs and hides whenever I come near (Pinni, as you can see, could care less).

Noli is such a huge wuss
I had to cut short Pinni and Noli's mowing session when the lawn guys showed up.  The three of them were amused as I burst out the front door to nab pigs and haul off the pen.  I told them they cut the grass much faster than the guinea pigs.

It looks like another sunny, not-too-hot day today.  I just need to wait for the dew to dry off, then release the pigs!


Lora said...

I love the PVC ledge you used inside your pen to help support the lid - I've struggled with my lid and what to do aside from making a permanent wood & wire structure - but now you've inspired me!

These two are so cute - glad they can help you keep the lawn under control ;) So selfless!

PaintedThread said...

Thanks! Boyfriend was the one who came up with the drop top with the pvc. I have a post on how it was built here: