Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introvert and Extrovert

Cannoli is not a people-pig
Guinea pigs can have such different personalities.  I categorize my sows into two groups:  people-pigs and pig-pigs.  People-pigs are guinea pigs that actually like humans.  They like to talk to people, be touched by people and are just as likely to charm strangers as they are their regular caretakers.  They may or may not get along with other guinea pigs.  In my experience, my people-pig sows tend to be divas, are great manipulators and tend to be the queen pig of the herd.

Pig-pigs, on the other hand, range from tolerating people to being downright afraid of them.  These guinea pigs may love you for the food you give them, but would much prefer the company of other guinea pigs than that of the big scary humans.

Boadicea loves human contact
My current pair of sows are a great example of the two extremes.  The differences are obvious any time I approach the cage.  Cannoli, who has lived with us for years, tenses up and prepares to flee.  Boadicea, who has been here for just three months (and should still be in the who-the-heck-are-these-people stage), comes forward to see what I want.  Most of my guinea pigs tended to lean towards liking people or pigs, but not as clearly identifiable as these two.

Many of my pairs of sows were an even mix.  Willow and Pippin were probably the closest I had to a pair of people-pigs.  They both hammed it up with anyone who came along.  Most of my pairs consisted of one outgoing pig while the other was more introverted.  That worked well for all of us.  One pig would run interference with people while the other one just focused on being a guinea pig.


  1. have I ever told you that you write such wonderful blog posts? Seriously. AND OMG CANNOLI. That is such a cute photo! :D


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