Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Midnight Marauder

As we suspected, moving the feeder up wasn't high enough to keep out the raccoons.  We found this guy on Friday night when coming home from dancing.  Rob had spotted  him lumbering across the lawn.  A few minutes later, I flicked on the back light and sure enough, there he was.  The fathead didn't even budge when I opened the door to get a clear photo.

Meanwhile, Turkey is a regular visitor.  He drops by at least twice a day, usually in the morning, sometimes with a friend, but usually solo.  If he comes too early in the morning, there's nothing in the feeder if the raccoon has cleared it out.  Turkey will walk back and forth on the railing, like if he checks back a few seconds later, maybe it will magically refill.

And it does... but just not when he's there.  I've taken to refilling the feeder each morning.  I put in a couple of cups of seed - enough to last the day for the songbirds and the turkey, so that the raccoons won't eat the bulk of it.

It's been a hungry spring.  Along with these guys, the squirrels are making a nuisance of themselves; I could not keep them off two of the window feeders.  Those came down last week (much to the dismay of the woodpeckers and finches).  There's one last window feeder, on a window that's very difficult to reach.  The squirrels have ignored since we moved here, but even that had a squirrel hanging off of it this weekend.  I'll leave it up for now, but if the squirrel manages to frequent it, that feeder will come down, too!

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