Thursday, April 23, 2015

Moving Tunnel

Bertie was an opinionated guinea pig: she belonged in the hay rack, she shouldn't be brought indoors while she was still having fun in the yard, and the tunnel belonged on the first floor, never the second level.  She eventually won her position on the hay rack (everyone took her side!), I didn't have much choice when they had to come back indoors, but the tunnel was a constant disagreement.  I thought the second level was a great place for the tunnel, since the pigs could go through it to access the third level.  Pinniped never had issues with that setup.  Neither has Cannoli.  So the tunnel remained on the second level since Bertie passed away.

Until Boadicea.

It's like old times.  I put the tunnel on the second level, come back some time later, and voila! it's on the first floor.  Recently it was pulled all the way under the fleece forest.  Sunday I found it right under the hammock.  Boadicea must be the culprit, but I have yet to catch her in the act.  Does she use it as slide like Bertie used to?  Or does she grab hold and pull it over the edge?  I'm dying to catch her in the act.  Boadicea is not nearly as insistent as Bertie was; the tunnel can stay where I put it for days before it moves.  One of these days I'll discover Boadi's technique.  Perhaps not?  Maybe it's the ghost of Bertie, back to show me the error of my ways!

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