Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cool Cannoli

Cannoli has been loving the ice packs this summer.  I have tried them on my guinea pigs before without much success.  My pigs would look at them suspiciously and carefully avoid getting close.  Only on a really hot day did the promise of cooling off overcome their distrust.

This spring I found a couple of large ice packs in the basement; each fit nicely into a cozy.  I have two cozies that are all cotton (no fleece lining).  These are great to keep the ice pack clean, plus it keeps curious pigs from taste-testing the plastic.  The cozy also absorbs the sweat from the ice pack as they defrost.  Cannoli seems to really like the cool damp of the covered ice pack.  I will often find her perched on top of it.  I also find her often like this, half-on/half-off with her toes pinched together.  (Doesn't she look smug?)

Boadicea will curl up next to it, but that's as close as she gets.  Although I do have to give Boadi points on style.  She lounges like no other pig I've had.  Noli prefers to sit on top, even if it's not that hot yet, or after I've turned on the air conditioning.  Finally, a guinea pig that has figured out what ice packs are for!

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  1. Those paws! Noli's expression is adorable. Glad they figured out how to use the ice packs - my girls have ignored them every time I've tried.


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