Monday, July 13, 2015

Three Quilts in Progress

I have three quilts in the works (well, technically four if you count the snowflake blocks stashed away).  I think it's a new record - usually I have no more than two things in motion at a time.

First - my obsession.  I've finished and squared the kites.  I had planned to add a couple of inches of green as a border, but now that I have it cut, I may just bind it as is.  I am swinging between a green or yellow binding.  The yellow really frames it, but I think the green may be better.  The edge just fades away and your attention is drawn to the middle.

I am loving this quilt.  I need to find wall space to hang it when it's done.

Next - triangle strings.  I saw this quilt on Kat and Cat Quilts.  Scrappy strings and it looked like a braid.  Love that!  I've made up 23 triangles so far, and a few more are still in the works.  There's enough pieces I could probably make a table runner from it.  Not sure if that's what I want to make.  I may continue to sew more and see where it goes.  I'm stingy when cutting my selvages - they're often 1/2" to 3/4" wide.  I will have to cut them a bit wider if I want to use them in more string blocks.

Last - new fabric for the summer quilt, washed, ironed and ready to go.  Once again, my camera cannot get these colors right (although it seems to have captured the green-blue blocks correctly).  The new fabric is a pale honeydew melon color.  It's quite bright and cheery; so much better than the tan.  I spent quite a while searching for the perfect fabric (tons of bolts at Fabric Place Basement!), and this was my favorite.  There was a brief moment after I laid it all out at home that I worried I picked the wrong fabric again.  It is beautiful up close, but has no texture at a distance.  But I can work with this.  I've got some ideas already.

So the summer quilt is my main focus once again.  Think I can finish it before September?  I may have to split my time between this and the kite quilt.  I want to finish that one in time to submit to the Topsfield Fair.

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  1. I've been into crumb scrapping lately and this is a great idea! Thanks for stopping by!


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