Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flying Leaps

Floor time is fun.  But the best floor time is when I clean the cage.  Boadicea loves to come over and check out the upper levels as I pull the cage apart.  Cannoli usually hangs behind.  But this time, Noli led the charge to check out the upper levels.  They were pretty funny, burbling all up and around the levels.

Boadicea bailed first:

She's hard to see with that white butt against the light background.  Cannoli almost appears to be surprised by Boadi's departure.

Noli, who never likes to be left out in the open by herself, ended up wandering around the upper levels for a bit longer before she departed in much the same way.  Bounce!

Of course they were very happy to return to a clean cage.  Huzzah!

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