Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I finished the blue-green blocks this weekend.  Huzzah!  Turns out I did buy enough of the green and counted my pieces correctly.  I'm so glad.

I'm loving the blocks.  But now that they're together, I'm really not liking the tan for the setting blocks.  It had been a spur of the moment decision to swap out the original design of light blue and tan.  I like the pebbly/sandy texture, but I didn't realized it would become the predominant color on the quilt (which is pretty silly, considering how many yards I bought). 

Last night I played with some fabrics I have on hand:  greens, yellows and grey.  I have a spring green that didn't look bad, although I fear it may fight with one of the blocks that's a bit more green than blue.  Obviously I require another trip to the store.  Sigh.  The whole thing is on hold until I find more fabric.  Doesn't look like I'll have it done to use this summer.  Bummer.

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  1. Your blocks look great! It is disappointing when what we thought would work doesn't. I actually like your carpet color for the setting blocks... at least in the photos.

  2. Your post caught my eye immediately in the link up at Freemotion by the River. I participated in a round robin last year and made a row in a quilt very similar. I had to check it out only to find that it is different. It is so pretty though!


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