Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First Day Out

Cannoli and Boadicea finally had a chance to get outside on Memorial Day.  Cannoli arrived on the scene like a seasoned veteran - she hit the ground eating.  Meanwhile, this was Boadicea's first time out.  It took a few moments to come out of the cozy.  I wasn't sure what she'd make of the grass and clover.  Boadicea continues to act like I'm poisoning her each time I give her something new to eat.  But this?  Hey!  This is good stuff!  Boadi didn't even bother to verify with Cannoli before she began to dig in.

Watching Boadi eat grass was pretty funny.  All my other pigs just snip it and chew.  Boadicea was determined to get the whole blade of grass, right to the roots.  She'd grab hold and pull.  Grass can be tough - Boadi had to give up a few times when the blade of grass failed to pull loose.

First outings can be frightening.  I've had some pigs scared stiff.  Boadicea was a little cautious at first, but within a few minutes she seemed perfectly at home.  Typical Boadicea!

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