Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Same Vet, New Clinic

top: pre-checkup jitters
bottom:  traumatized pigs want to go home!
Cannoli has been a bit on the porky side, having gained a lot when Pinniped was really sick.  She also occasionally sneezes, which tends to be rare with guinea pigs, but not for Noli.  Recently she lost some weight and then began wheezing every so often.  Given her history, I wasn't too alarmed, but it was time for a professional opinion.  So I scheduled a trip to the vet.  Either we could address what was wrong or confirm Noli was okay.  Boadicea got an appointment as well, mostly for a baseline checkup and a quick feel for ovarian cysts.

My vet has moved.  She now has her own practice at Holmes Family Veterinary Clinic.  I'm so happy Dr. Holmes is still in the area.  I had been by the clinic before, but this was our first official visit.  Both pigs were well behaved.  I was amazed.  I had braced myself for Boadi to "apply teeth" in response to a lot of manhandling.  She doesn't bite - but she'll touch you with her teeth when she's had enough.  Turns out Boadicea was a charmer and was pleasant to everyone (being wrapped up like a burrito helped).  Noli wasn't bad, but she struggled.  She wanted none of this!  Cannoli is surprisingly strong for a little rodent.

Both pigs got a clean bill of health.  Cannoli's lungs were clear and her heart sounded good.  She's a little under the weight she was in early 2014, which is a good weight for her.  If she manages to drop another 50g, I'm to bring her in again.  As for the random wheezing, we discussed allergens and the dry, dusty spring we've had.  Maybe it will improve once I start using the A/C on a regular basis (or maybe after we have some more rain). 

Turns out Noli is more of a candidate for cysts than Boadi is.  Yay me - I can look forward to two hormonal pigs in my future.  Meanwhile, Noli and Boadi are happy to be home and hope there will be no more road trips for a while.

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  1. Guess they wanted to be on their best behavior for the vet. Glad both pigs got a clean bill of health!


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