Sunday, June 7, 2015

Key West Prints

My mother handed me a bag of fabric last week.  This was on top of all the fabric I just bought for my new quilt.  Well... and some extra yardage of material that caught my eye.  I came home that weekend with 20 yards of fabric!  I bet I doubled my stash size.  Oh, boy, now I have even more projects on my to-do list!

About half the bag was filled with scraps of Key West Hand Prints.  It's hand silk-screened fabric.  Incredibly vibrant colors!  The camera just doesn't capture it.  I am fully in love with the dark teal blue and the soft pinks.

My family lived on Key West, many years ago.  Some of the fabric was from back then.  I'm pretty sure I recognize other pieces from subsequent trips back to Key West, before the place closed.  A few of the scraps are Lilly Pulitzer prints.  I spent some time looking for "lilly" while ironing them.

Can you find them in the photos above?  There's eight of them altogether.

I'm not fond of two of the fabrics - I'm not sure what I'll do with those pieces, since they don't go with anything I have.  I'm planning on making a quilt with the rest, rather than just adding them to my stash.  I think something simple, with large pieces, like this one I saw on Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures.  Most of the scraps have a large print, so I need large pieces or else lose the details on the fabric.  On the flip side, some of the scraps are long and narrow - I may no choice but to cut small.  What a predicament!

First things first - I need to focus on my summer quilt.  I can stew about what to do with this lot for a while.


  1. Pretty stash additions! I wouldn't have known to look for "lilly". What a way to make ironing more interesting!

  2. Beautiful fabrics and great additions to your stash. The fabrics you don't care for....just cut up into tiny pieces :)

  3. Great fabrics and now your stash has a "history" too.


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