Monday, June 15, 2015

Boston Spring Pignic 2015

Sunday was wonderful pignic weather.  The Pig Patrol showed up in force.  We even had a volunteer photographer set up a booth for formal photos.  And yet, we had the smallest group of pignic people in years.  Just over 30 guinea pigs that attended along with 40 people.  We were amazed that the boars outnumbered the sows for the first couple of hours of the pignic.  What a topsy-turvy day!

It made for a quiet, very laid back pignic.  Most of the guinea pigs behaved.  We didn't have any newbie guinea pig caretakers.  Except for some nail clipping and initial check-ins, the Pig Patrol had nothing to do.  We had been prepared for a lot more attendees.  I'm not complaining!  It gave us time to catch up with each other and enjoy the day.

The pigs were cute!  (Of course.)  I spent a little time with Celeste, Pinniped's look-alike.  I also found a Pippin doppelganger, named Buttercup.  I felt bad - in picking her up out of the pen, I pulled off a tuft of fur.  Usually it's my pigs that are at fault for hair pulling.  This time it was me!

Pepper the pig (middle picture, bottom row, above), spent the entire pignic tucked in the tissue box.  Hey, whatever makes you happy.  Most pigs moseyed about.  The boars got their exercise - many of them spent their time following each other from one end of the pen to the other.

Pigloos were a big hit.  There were occasional wheeking from the sows cage as too many tried to stuff themselves into a single pigloo.  Two of the biggest pigs stuffed themselves into the large pigloo with two other pigs.  I don't know how they all fit.  All others were denied entry.  I snapped a before and after photo of these three squished into this pigloo.  They didn't look comfortable, although they looked a bit befuddled when I lifted up the pigloo.

I let Cannoli and Boadicea spend some time in the common sows pen.  Noli hung out with some of the pigs before hiding out on her own for a while.  Boadicea started out on the wrong foot, going nose to nose with another sow.  When she started chattering her teeth while defending a hidey house, I decided she needed to go back to her own pen.  So much excitement!  By the end of the day, they were wiped.

I have a few photos of the pignic; also Salem Pet Photo Album.  Noli and Boadi had a short photo shoot with Joey - I'm hoping those came out well.

My thanks to the Pig Patrol.  You guys are wonderful and help keep all this running smoothly, monitoring the bad pigs, doing the check-ins and clipping all those nails!  I hope all who attended had a good time.


  1. Glad the weather cooperated - looks like it was a great event! The picture of you and Pinni twin Celeste is so cute. And those pigloo squished pigs..! Proof that guineas defy the laws of physics.

  2. Sounded like a resounding success regardless of the turnout! Always a win when piggies can come together at the end of the wheek and just be pigs in a field!


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