Sunday, June 21, 2015

Caught in Irons

This is how my living room floor has looked for nearly two weeks.  Granted - there was a pignic and other interruptions.  But it's mostly been sitting there because I can't make up my mind on the pattern and if I like the colors.  Once I decide, I'm sure things will progress quickly.  But for now, I'm caught in irons.

This quilt is coming out much more green and beige than I envisioned.  A lighter beige would be fine, but I really wanted more blue.  Yesterday I threw the fabrics on the bed, to get a better feel for what it would really look like.

In an effort go regain some momentum, I've decided to start sewing together the medallions.  I keep coming back to my original design of mostly blue, with the four cream squares on the sides.  So I'm going with that and sewing at least three of them together.  If I have those done, I'll have less of the overall quilt that I have to imagine, and it should help with my decisions.  I want to be working on this.  At this rate my summer quilt will be done in the fall!

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