Thursday, June 4, 2015

Google Photos

The other day I uploaded the wrong photo to my blog.  I went to delete it and discovered that the user interface in Google Photos has changed once again.  Ugh.  Every time it's improved, I find it more difficult to use.  In trying to locate the photo I wanted to delete, I stumbled into the new search option that attempts to be helpful by automatically categorizing my photos.  I snagged this picture, because I found it so amusing.

It had correctly identified biscotti as Food, along with accurate thumbnails for Beaches, Boats and Sledding.  One could argue that a pignic is a Picnic.  Green corn husks are Flowers?  That's a stretch.  And the identification software was clearly confused with the minion to lump it in with the Cars behind it.  But look what Google did to my poor guinea pigs!  They got labeled as Cooking, Dogs, Birds and Rabbits.  Cooking?!?  Really?  I would have understood if it was the photo of Bad Pig Stew.  Cannoli may chirp like a bird, but any similarity ends there.  I chuckled when I clicked on the Dogs category and found nearly every pignic photo I have.  My sewing didn't even manage to land its own category.  I found most of my quilting photos split between Cooking and Food.  Obviously Google had no idea how to classify them.

After all that, I was unable to locate the photo I needed to remove.  Luckily, I still had a link to the old Picasa Web URL and deleted it.  It would have been easier if Google wasn't trying to be so helpful!

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