Saturday, September 3, 2016


Boadicea loves her morning greens and pepper and afternoon treats.  However, I think her favorite time of day is when I refill the hay.  Once Boadi hears me pull out the hay box and rustle the hay, she bolts upstairs.  The nose waves about and she gets that jaw limbered up (I call it pre-chewing).


I rotate between the two hay racks.  Whatever is left on the third floor (if there is any) gets tossed out.  Then I fill the third level ring with whatever is in the first floor hay rack (sometimes adding a bit of fresh stuff, if it's nearly empty).  I finish by adding fresh hay to the first floor rack.

The funny thing is, Boadicea waits on the third floor for the leftover hay.  I guess being able to jump into the hay is more appealing than working the fresh stuff out of the downstairs rack.

Wedgwood gets excited, too.  The first part of the video, she's lurking waiting for the bottom rack to be refilled.  The second part, she can't make up her mind if she wants to wait for the bottom rack to be filled, or to go upstairs and oust Boadicea for third-level hay.

Yay for hay!


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  2. Hay is always an Exciting Part of every day here, too! I aim to put down a number of flakes = (the number of goat-groups who will eat together)+1. Each goat or group will always push the "next goatgroup down the heirachy" off their flake, and it just goes on and on..if there is one extra pile, the chain-reaction can stop. Hay physics ;)


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