Friday, September 23, 2016

Tomato Treats

Can you see the tomato?  We  know it's here somewhere....
All those tomatoes we've been preparing for sauce resulted in quite a pile of parings.  The bruised and spoiled bits went straight to the compost.  However, all of the bits near the stem were saved for the guinea pigs.

Boadicea is not highly motivated for tomato pieces.  She'd rather have corn husk or bits of cucumber.  But if there's tomatoes right there in front of her, she won't say no.

Wedgwood his far more enthused and will eat whatever tomato is closest to her, even if it's the piece Boadi currently has.  They ended up in a brief standoff when Wedgie figured it would be easier to take from Boadi than to figure out how to manipulate the toy.  Very similar to Boadi's old "wouldn't you like to share that with me?"

Boadi figured it was easier to get more tomato elsewhere than to argue with Wedgie.  Oddly enough, Boadi ends up with the piece she had started to eat in the first place!

I've been trying to get these two pigs to play with the cups.  Cannoli would search them out, no matter where I put them in the room.  I enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with her, to see how many she would find and empty.  These two always ignored them, even if they were right next to the ramp.  <sigh>  Boadi took notice when I put them near the Teach'N'Treat.  The cups are easy to knock over if they're on the fleece, so they're on the hardwood floor for a challenge.  

It took Boadicea several attempts to figure out how pick them up, even though she had plenty of opportunity to watch Cannoli do it.  Eventually she figured it out, and even developed the Cannoli Fling.  Now it's Wedgwood's turn to be amazed how Boadicea produces treats from under the cups.

Think those pigs will have their fill of tomato before the season ends?  Enjoy it while you can - there will likely be no more until next summer.


  1. I wish you could have seen Della, the tiny calico kitten, watching Boadi and Wedgewood! She was fascinated :)


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