Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cape Chick Weekend X

It was a very quiet weekend this year.  Most of the gals could only come down for a day trip and everyone had cleared out by Sunday afternoon.  Still, a good time was had by all.  It was wonderful to see my friends - it had been over a month since I had had the chance to visit with any of them.  Far too long.

Since the majority of people were down for such a short time I asked what they wanted to do for the day.  Consensus was the craft fair and the sand sculpture contest.  Once everyone arrived, we took off.  Nearly all of us came away from the craft fair with goodies: earrings, cards, a mobius scarf (I wish I had seen those when I was there!).  I picked up the stylin' hat.  Then we headed to First Encounter beach.  We arrived early; the contestants were only about halfway through their creations.  We took the opportunity walk the beach and returned just before judging began.

Our favorite was Gullzilla:  A giant seagull (complete with real feathers in it's sculpted wings) swooping in to destroy Cape Cod.  The Cape was nicely done, we got a kick out of the Eastham Windmill being attached by a T-Rex.  So tiny compared to the oversized gull.

Right next to it was another sculpted Cape Cod.  It was beautifully rendered, but it was hard to compete with this entry.

Sunday was mostly overcast and even rained for a bit.  It was a perfect day to drive up to the Atlantic Spice Company, then drop by PB Boulangerie for hot chocolate and pastry.  We finished that just in time to head to the Eastham parade. 

Parking for the Windmill Weekend events is easy - I leave my car at my aunt's house.  So we can arrive at any time and there's space.  We returned after the parade to find this note under the rear wiper blade.  As if my aunt didn't know who's car is plastered with yoga, Dr Who and guinea pig bumper stickers.  Hah. 

As I stood there chuckling over the note my uncle popped out and they invited us in for tea.  We spent some time chatting as I attempted to fix one of her vintage sewing machines.  (Couldn't fix it, but I figured it was worth a try.)  By the time we left, the crowds had cleared and we headed back to the cottage.  It was a short weekend with friends, but a lot of good memories.

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  1. Oh! Cape Cod? since I was just there I wonder where you hold your retreat? Certainly sounded like lots of fun. I used to go to sand competitions in Florida


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