Thursday, September 23, 2021

I Like Thursday: Little Miss P and the Big E

Miss Piggy has been staying with us since last Thursday.  She is very, very shy.  It was only yesterday that she started to stick her nose out for treats.  She spent most of the week crammed into the corner of the cage.  <sigh>  I'm spending my time trying to convince her that we won't eat her.  I don't think she believes me yet.

Look at the size of this apple!  I had to buy it simply because it was so impressive. 

We spent a good chunk of Sunday cooking down 50 lbs of tomatoes into a big pot of sauce.  Whew!  Half of that came from my own garden.  Yay!  There's still more to harvest.  

While the oven was on, I cooked up apple crisp and chocolate zucchini cake.  Yum!

I submitted three quilts to the Big E fair and won three blue ribbons!  I even got an extra ribbon for outstanding workmanship in quilting on my sister's quilt. 

My mom was so excited to hear that, she came down on Monday so we could see them in person.  (We also stopped to admire my sister's watercolor installation at the Sunderland library.)

The arts building was huge.  Quilts and knitting and even some baked goods.  The cookies were under locked glass, but I was amused they still needed to put the sign on them.

It took a long time to wander through the whole building.  We skimmed over the photography.  Tons of quilts.  Lots of knitting.  I especially liked the afghan that was all different colors it looked kind of like quilted blocks.

This king sized quilt was made of over 21,000 little bitty hexies.  Oh - all the ironing and hand stitching.  How many hours did you think that took?  Amazing quilt.

The king sized quilts were folded, so it was visible top-to-bottom, but not side-to-side.  I had seen the pink and grey quilt (it looks kind of green in this photo) when I dropped off my quilts.  It was nice to see it close up. 

This quilt was really cool - all of the drawings were embroidered.  It was beautiful work.

I wish I took better photos.  It was fun to admire all the work.  

I can't wait to get the judge's comments from my entries.  I'm pretty jazzed about the blue ribbons; I've been trying for a blue ribbon for years.  However, that was tempered by seeing several blue-ribbon quilts with visible flaws - the same sort of things I've had in my red-ribboned quilts.  I think the Topsfield Fair judges were stricter.  Or maybe I've improved that much?  Hmm... I should stop thinking about it and just take the win!

That's my excitement for the week.  My second shingles shot wiped me out for the day, but I'm glad to have that all done.  

Thanks for dropping in.  There's more happiness to brighten your day over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday


  1. I bet Miss Piggy will thrive under your care! Yum on the homemade tomato sauce, and congratulations on the blue ribbons, too. Looks like you saw some interesting projects at the fair!

  2. Wow a big congratulations to you for your well deserved blue ribbons and how neat that they acknowledged your quilting too. What a lot of interesting items and beautiful handwork. I enjoyed seeing the photos. That embroidered quilt...I think I have that pattern but had to wait for my quilting skills could match the embroidering. I wonder where I've put it, LOL. Meanwhile what a great spot Miss Piggy has lucky little soul.

  3. Congratulations on your ribbons! Thanks for showing us some of the other quilts. I'm sure Miss Piggy is getting the best care and will come out of her shell!

  4. Hi Sally! Big congrats on the blue ribbons. Ribbons with an "s"! Yay you. Oh, the shingles shot has to be better than having it. I spent the entire month of July diagnosing and then recovering from them. I didn't know the shots had any side effects like that, though. Miss Piggy looks sweet but she is definitely giving you the evil eye, and keeping it on you. {{Hugs}} Congrats again! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Oh Miss Piggy you know you are a delectable little piggy, but not that kind of delectable. Oh your quilts and all the fabric and yarn eye candy how fun. Thanks for sharing and YAY to you for the blue ribbons!

  6. Congratulations on the blue ribbons! Well deserved! And congratulations on getting out to see all the beautiful art. Bet you could have spent a week there! Haha! Miss Piggy is adorable. I think she'll come around this week. (Fingers crossed@)

  7. Congratulations on your blue ribbons. We used to go to the BIG E every year. Hubs can't walk now so it's hard. Miss Piggy is so cute. The sign on the cookies glass also helps when people pick them up not to munch. People today don't seem to have common sense

  8. oh a real quilt show! lucky you and congrats on being recognized for your good work! Jealous of the tomato harvest, the sauce looks so good. Will you can or freeze it? Does it last the winter?

  9. Congratulations on your winning quilts. Miss Piggy will settle in well with yours & Rob's help. On the embroidered quilt, were the designs worked in a particular color? My family has a fondness for redwork & bluework. I have 2 quilts, my grandmother & great grandmother did in redwork. Mine are probably around 100 years old as my grandmother was born in 1898 & her mother at least 30 years before that. The designs are hand drawn on them (today's redwork & other colors are mostly machine printed and are still hand embroidered. Though embroidery machines may be changing that too.


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