Thursday, September 30, 2021

I Like Thursday: End of September


Nearly October?  How can that be?!  I am enjoying the cooler weather, though.

Headed up the road to buy some eggs.  Got a kick out of the colorful chicken prayer flags.  They're quite striking.

I am so far from completing my September OMG.  I'm bummed but not surprised.  I've been enjoying my job, but it's sucking the creativity out of me.  

The cooler weather, though, forced me to the sewing machine.  My microwavable heating bags molded over the summer (so much humidity!).  I needed replacements.  I used two of the extra Icy Waters blocks.  They're a little on the small side, but done.

Having done that, and accepting that my OMG was not to be, I started working on fixing my Icy Waters blocks.  I need to adjust colors on a half dozen or so and one needs to be redone.  If that looks good, I'll move onto top and bottom borders.

I've pulled fabric for the baby quilt and started cutting.  I need to buy some more, and do more cutting, but I'm already redesigning parts of it in my head.  Some progress, even if I missed my goal and have no photos to share. 

My mom turned 80!  She celebrated with her sisters and brother.  My sister and I are heading home this weekend to celebrate some more!

Miss Piggy occasionally acts like a guinea pig.  She wheeked at us at dinner time yesterday (but then suddenly realized she drew attention to herself and promptly stopped).  She lets me pick her up more often, yet still hides most of the day.  

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  1. Beautiful Mom and what a great milestone for her!
    My job as a special needs teacher meant I had to adapt and change curriculum to meet special outcomes and I always found that siphoned a lot of my creativity too. I enjoyed it of course but your job can certainly do that. Enjoy your get together with your Mom.

  2. The chickens with their own peace flag are fun! What do you fill your heating bags with? That might be something my (always cold!) husband and mom would like. Happy Birthday to your mom! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Hi Sally! HB to your MOM!!! Definitely celebrate as often as you possibly can. I wonder why Miss Piggy is so shy - was she mistreated? I didn't get my September OMG finished either. Oh well - here's to October. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! Work does suck up our fun time. I'm hoping to stop working soon. I wanted to work another year but doubt I'll make it. I'm glad Miss Piggy is warming up. She's adorable!

  5. The chicken wagon intrigues me. Happy Birthday to your mama. Your heating bags what do you fill them with? I use feed corn that you bake in the over at like 250 for a couple of hours. Dries them out and kills the germ inside. I use those for aches and pains, heat them in the microwave for a couple of minutes. The heat is a nice moist heat. Hope Miss Piggy starts to relax more. I wonder if she would do better if she had a cohort.

  6. We too found it to be too humid this summer, so my husband bought a de-humidifer on tax free day. Our basement had started smelling musty, much like a closed up cottage does in the spring. He brought it home & turned it & it pulled over 80 gallons of water from the air, 8.75 gallons at a time. It also is helping us save on our water bill, as the water can be put in our washing machine. Our basement is nice & dry now. As I cannot remember the password to my gmail account, please email any replies to


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