Monday, September 26, 2022

A Few Fun Things From Chick Weekend

Chick Weekend was a short, small affair this year.  A few of the fun highlights:  

This dog was so unbelievably happy - he'd run out after the ball, bring it back to his humans, then roll around in the sand.  He was beside himself with joy.  Then he saw a seal pop up in the water - he'd run out full tilt into the water as if he was saying, "come play with me!!!"  The seal would watch him, then go:  hell no.  Dog would be all confused - where did my friend disappear to?  This went on a few times.  I'm pretty sure the dog thought the seal was another dog. 

We had walked up the beach, but when we turned around and headed south, it looked like drops of water strewn along the sand.  They glittered like diamonds.  When we touched them, they were gelatin.  We guessed some type of egg?  Of all the years I've come down to the Cape I haven't seen anything like it.  Very cool.  

Nauset Light finally has a new bathhouse.  The shingles were pretty cool - they had designs of seagulls, Nauset Light and this one of the Three Sisters.   Pretty cool! 

Played Forbidden Island for the first time in years.  What fun!  We even made it off the island before it sank! 

(Now I can't wait until we can play again.  I hankering for a Game Day.)

My sister and I had packed up to head home on a cloudy Monday morning.  We decided to stop at Campground Beach to say goodbye.  I wanted to take a selfie.  My sister pointed out a  guy trying to get his catamaran onto its trailer:  I bet he'd trade taking photos for a hand.  We barely started toward him when he brightened and asked, "Volunteers?" 

He was a good photographer.  How nice!  

The catamaran was heavy!  Not sure how he managed to do it by himself.  But the three of us got it loaded up.  And we all headed on our our way.  A good ending to a great weekend.


  1. Looks like fun! I loved visiting Cape Cod in May. And we went to Nauset Light and Three sisters, too! So glad you got to spend that time with your sister and friends.

  2. The dog and all havinng a good time. The seal must have wondered why the dig can't swim. Glad y'all had a nice time

    I haven't been to Nauset Light since 1964.


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