Thursday, September 29, 2022

I Like Thursday: Heading Towards Normal

Another week gone?  Good grief!  Time to join LeeAnna's I Like Thursday group.

My first like is that I've squeezed in enough time to write other posts than this one this week.  Did you see my nifty little tablet cover

The kitchen floor's last coat should be cured enough this weekend to start testing what we want for a kitchen table.  I've even gotten used to the open expanse.  I've been loving the kitchen.  Yay!

Now that the kitchen is done and I'm back home we can foster! Rob's guinea pig taxi picked up Mark (what a dull name) on Friday. He'll be staying with us at least another two weeks.

Poor Mark was bullied by some or all of six piggies he was surrendered with, and was being treated for bite wounds.  However, he also developed a respiratory infection and has another two week course of antibiotics for that.  Mark is quiet, but curious.  He has dark blue eyes and large spots of black fur under his all white fur.  Really adorable!

The rest of my vegetable garden is dead, but this late-starting volunteer grape tomato is trying to produce a last set of tomatoes.  I'm glad I let it grow at the base of my steps.  We've all gotten a kick out of its tenacity.

I like freeycycle.  I have been offloading a ton of my dad's electronic gizmos.  It makes everyone happy.  



  1. Sally - yay, fostering again! I love seeing your guineas, and I don't have to do any of the work!

  2. Hi Sally! The way Mark is sitting in that little basket makes him look a bit like a lamb. I'm glad you guys could get him out of his bullying situation. Your kitchen floor looks fabulous. And that tomato plant!! He's a give them an inch and he'll produce 10 fruits kind of plant. I'm off to read about your tablet cover. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. The kitchen looks amazing! Little Mark looks like a sweetie and I bet he will thrive at your house. I'm sorry to know that even guinea pigs have bullies in their midst. Love those volunteer plants!

  4. Aw, poor cute Mark. Can his name be changed to Marcus?
    Very nice kitchen. Happy Table Hunting! I'm sure it will be beautiful.

  5. I for one will enjoy seeing those adorable little critters again including cute Mark. You kitchen looks like a wonderful open space there. Everything getting "back to normal".

  6. Your kitchen looks so inviting; I like the floors with that warm wood! Glad things are getting back to normal for you!

  7. Your kitchen looks awesome! I'm so glad you can take care of Mark. He needs to be pampered after all he went through. Our garden is slowly fading with the colder temps.

  8. mark... Marque... Marco... he could be exotic. Mark, the unusual and sensitive always get picked on, I know from experience. Stay you boy! You're in a great home

  9. Glad you're enjoying the new kitchen. It looks wonderful. Poor Mark had a tough start to life, hopefully things will improve.
    Sandy's Space


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