Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bertie's Love Affair Continues

Last summer Bertie was in love with the hay rack.  After several modifications, I successfully barred her from sleeping in it.  Poor Bertie.  She mourned her loss for months, staring longingly at the hay rack for hours from the top of the step stool.  Her mourning finally ended when I replaced the step stool with a hammock.  It was an adequate substitution that allowed her to be near to her beloved hay rack.

The one leg doesn't quite fit.
I recently opened a new box of Kleenmama's 3rd cut hay and all the girls have been eating it like crazy.  But much of it has ended up on the floor of the cage.  The hay is very short and I suspect its falling through the hay rack soon after they start to eat it.  When cleaning the cage today, I left the hay rack empty and stuffed a bunch of hay into a tissue box.  I'm hoping this will keep the cage a little neater.

Regardless of the cage's tidiness, I am quite certain I have made Bertie's day.  Within 10 minutes of returning to the cage, Bertie rediscovered her favorite way to eat hay.  Perhaps the tissue box doesn't have as nice of a view as the hay rack or the comfortable sloping sides but its obviously a very good alternative.  Once Bertie got in that box, she remained there for at least three hours

Ah, yes.  The love affair has resumed. We'll see how long the tissue box can withstand this amount of affection.

One comfy pig - look at the toes!

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