Saturday, January 21, 2012

Poor Put-Upon Pinni

A pinch of Pinni
Let's face it:  Pinniped is a tubby pig.  Between that and her personality, she inspires people to reach out and pinch or poke that pudginess.  It's true!  If you ever met her, you'd be overwhelmed with the need to do so, too.  Therefore, it was not surprising when Rob reached into the cage other night and gently poked that belly.  There was a wail of protest.  It was truly heart wrenching.  He was so astonished by her reaction that he reached in to repeat the poke.  His finger was still an inch away from her when she let out another pitiful wail.  Oh!  This was terrible.

Admittedly, we were both laughing at this point.  Guinea pigs can be such over-the-top drama queens.  But I did feel bad for my poor little Pinni.  I reached in to comfort her and was hit with another tale of woe before my fingers even touched her.  I spent the next half minute or so scritching her nose, telling her things were okay and we loved her; she sat there and cried uncontrollably.  I haven't heard a sob story like that since the spring pignic when a sow gave Pinni more attention than she could handle.  What a big baby.

I suppose I can understand why she was so put out:  How could that nice guy who normally gives me such good things to eat have the audacity poke me?  For no reason!  Why would he do such a thing?  I was minding my own business.  I wasn't even begging.  And he poked me!  How could such a thing happen?!

I don't know, Pinn.  We find you irresistible, just like anyone else who's met you.  You're just too dang squeezable for your own good.

Once she stopped wailing, we gave her (and the others, of course!) a bit of tomato.  And all was forgiven.  At least until the next squeezing.  Oof!

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  1. What an adorable little drama queen! Pinniped should be in theater.


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