Monday, January 30, 2012

Lilac Dance Dress

The dance dress is complete.  I stitched the last of the hem this evening.  Overall, I'm pleased with how it came out.  I learned a few things while making this dress:  allow for more fabric on the finished edges, and use the top feeder foot when hemming the bottom.  Working with knit material wasn't too bad, and it made finishing the edges a lot easier than with non-stretch fabric.  Making another dress from this pattern should be a snap.

And now that it's done?  I feel self conscious whenever I try on the dress.  How unfair.  I swear this material is a little clingier than the original.  I suspect I'm the only one who has trouble with the dress or even notices.  Any male that I've mentioned this issue tells me clinginess is not a problem.  Thanks, guys.  But I still might wait until spring before wearing it to a dance.  Currently it hangs on the closet door as incentive to get to the gym.

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