Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Love Affair Resumes

Those of you who know Bertie have probably heard of her love affair with the hay rack.  I spent several months figuring out why they hay rack kept falling apart or coming off the wall.  Then I spent several more months trying to keep her out of the hay rack.  I finally developed some kind of contraption that kept her out, but found it difficult to get hay into the rack.

Eventually, with the removal of their house and an addition of a hammock, I was able to retire the Bertie Barrier and she remained on this side of the hay rack.

Until yesterday.

Bertie and her beloved hay rack
I walked by the cage and didn't immediately see Bertie.  So I looked in the cozy and peeked in the tunnel and became alarmed that I couldn't see her anywhere.  Did she jump out of the cage?  Was she in with Willow?  Was she hurt in a corner of the room.  Where was Bertie?!?

Then I squatted down in front of the cage and looked in.  And what did I see?


It's been over a year, but it appears that the love affair has picked up where it left off.  I want to know how she got in!  Leaping from the hammock to the hay rack can't be easy!  I think she stopped trying to do the vertical leap from the floor because she hit her head on the ceiling too many times.

The rack is well attached to the wall so it won't come off.  Therefore, I am willing to allow this continue as long as I don't find wet hay in the rack.  You're on probation, Bertie!  I'm watching you!


  1. Bertie must be a very determined little piggy.. at least she must be getting in some extra exercise with the required hammock acrobatics!

    If you ever have a problem with wet hay, you could always try making them a vertical hay rack out of an extra C&C grid - worked well when our pigs started using the hay as a communal toilet. Here's a link to what we currently use if you're interested:

    That should keep even an ambitious cavy out!

    1. Thank you. I like that design. I will keep it in mind if the current hay rack becomes too problematic.


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