Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lots of Points

Four binding options
My Christmas Storm at Sea is coming together.  I had forgotten how many points there are to line up with this pattern.  It's not as bad as Night Jewels but there's still a lot.  I've ironed the heck out of it and there's still one or two spots that don't want to lie flat.  I swear I cut and sewed all of the pieces the same way.  Quilting should fix that.  I'm pleased with how it came out.

I have a ton of Christmas themed wall hangings, so I plan to bind this as is to use as a table topper.  It's a little over two feet square.  I have four fabrics I could use for binding.  When I pulled out the material, I was sure the green would work best (left side).  Now that I've put the material next to the quilt, I really don't like it.  The green/red (top) or even the red/gold (right) seem to be a better match.  I'm rather surprised by the red.  I had been positive that it wouldn't work, but it picks up the bits of red in the rest of the quilt.  I can never pick colors without seeing them all together!


  1. Storm at sea is on my "want to get to it someday" list but it never occurred to me to use Christmas fabrics. This is great. It makes me think of a sparkly, spinning tree ornament. Any of those fabrics would make a good binding.

    Just popped over to look at Night Jewels, which I somehow missed. Oh my. I think I'm in love. You can share pics of it anytime, I won't get tired!

  2. love this! I get the whole points that don't cooperate thing.

  3. Looks beautiful and I like the red for binding! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. Wonderful! I have thought about this pattern, but also put off by the same things you cite. Yours is beautiful.

  5. It's beautiful! The red will make a great binding.


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