Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cannoli is Three

At three years old, Cannoli is now considered a mature sow.  Ha.  I could say she did some serious growing up in the last year.  With Pinniped's lack of eating and lack of energy, Cannoli did a lot of eating and sitting.  Towards the end of 2014 she weighed 1240g.  Oof!

She lost some weight after Pinniped passed away, then went down a bit more when Boadicea arrived on the scene.  Nothing like a younger upstart to keep you moving!  Then she kept dropping.  By June Cannoli had dropped below what I considered her normal weight.  We started visiting the vet; by August we had a diagnosis.  Noli had an overactive thyroid.  With treatment, I'm hoping she'll soon get back to her 1kg self.

Boadicea's arrival on Boxing Day was a big change.  Cannoli had to grow some backbone.  She became bolder during floor time.  She had to defend her favorite sleeping spots and often argued over what food was hers.  Boadi can be a brat, but Noli loves her new friend.  She searches for Boadi when they get separated.

Cannoli is still a timid with humans, preferring Boadicea's company to anyone else in the house.  Even so, Noli is not afraid to demand dinner (breakfast, lunch, snacks, telling Rob I'm starving them).  She is happiest at home with familiar sounds, smells and routines.  Long trips stress her out; even a trip to the vet can be exhausting.  So hopefully we won't have many of those in the coming year.

Happy birthday, Cannoli!  Maybe Boadicea will give you the respect you deserve now that you're "mature" pig.


  1. Happy Birthday Cannoli! You are a beautiful piggy.

  2. Hope you had a spectacular birthday Noli! We enjoy hearing about your and Boadi's adventures!

  3. Happy birthday Cannoli! I hope you are able to get back to being Big Pig. x


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