Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Seashore

I brought Summer Seashore down to the Cape for Chick Weekend.  It gave me the chance to show it to friends and family, as well as finding a good spot to photograph the whole thing.  It's a big quilt!  When I get home, I'll have to take photos of it on the bed.  Trust me, it is a queen sized quilt.  I like my quilts to have lots of overhang.

To give you a size perspective, I posed with it (all squinty-eyed in the bright sun).

BIG quilt.

My aunts were amazed how quickly it all went together, and that I stitched it all on my little Singer.  They wanted me to enter it into the Topsfield fair, but unfortunately, it won't qualify because it doesn't have three layers.  Maybe next year's Marshfield fair?

The color is more vibrant in person, although these photos (and these ones) are pretty close.  The stitching also looks so much better in person.  The seaweed flows around the sashing.  Everyone admired the seaweed and the fact there were different ocean-themed motifs in each block. They also all liked how the quilting looked on the plain flannel back.

The label was tricky to put on.  I had to make sure I stitched it only through the flannel, and didn't catch any of the top material.  It also took me several attempts to print it on my printer.  I need to work on that.  Half the reason to get a new inkjet printer was to use it for quilt labels!  They get jammed three or four times before I get a good print.

More closeups may appear in another post, if I feel I can capture how they look.  Otherwise, you'll need to swing by my place to see it in it's glory.

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  1. What a glorious quilt! Is it 90 x90? Love those intricate blocks.

  2. Wow! Great quilt, interesting block. It just be huge, not just BIG like you say in your post!

  3. How tall are you? That is a ginormous quilt!!!! But I love the colors, and the composition as all those different blues fade from one to the next. That's also a lovely label, I don't envy you having to stitch halfway through a 2-layer quilt, though!

  4. Wow...how on EARTH did you quilt that on a home machine? I guess it would be easier without the bulk of batting, but STILL...! Congrats! It will be beautiful draped over your bed.
    Hmm...does your printer have an adjustment for "thick" paper? Mine does, and it helps when I want to shove fabric through!


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