Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Loaf of Boadicea

We had a photo shoot this weekend.  Cannoli and Boadicea are not the camera-hams like Pinniped and Willow were.  They're not too hard to herd, but the noses don't tend to wave around as much.  Boadicea worked best when she was placed in something.  She has become such a loaf, and look!  she fit perfectly in my large bread loaf pan.

I placed the Boadicea Loaf on the deck so Rob could get some overhead shots.  Boadi decided she wanted out.  I'm surprised she got a good grip on that slippery glass.  Just look at that fat belly getting squeezed out over the rim of the pan!

Oof.  What a pig.

Speaking of pigs and their size - Cannoli is doing okay.  She's tiny compared to this rotund Boadicea.  Noli is holding steady around 830-850g.  We've upped her medication, so I'm hoping to see some weight gain soon.

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  1. Seeing a definite squash/eggplant resemblance in those photos. Keep up the good work, Boadi!


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