Monday, September 28, 2015

Cavymadness Bookmark Giveaway

As I was putting away the supplies for the Boston Fall Pignic, I found a few extra CavyMadness bookmarks tucked in with the pignic bookmarks.  They're awfully cute and they could be yours!  I will draw two winners; each will receive one pair of bookmarks as pictured here.

To enter:  leave a comment here (if you're a no-reply blogger, please include your email address in the comment) or on the CavyMadness Facebook post.  I will pick two winners at random - one from the blog, the other from the CavyMadness page.  Commenting here and on Facebook will increases your chance to win.

Be sure that I can contact you!  CavyMadness cannot send a direct private message to Facebook comments.  Check back after 12pm on October 5th - I will reply to the winner's comments if I cannot email them directly.  If a winner does not respond within 24 hours, I will randomly draw another name.

This drawing closes on Friday, October 5th at 12pm EDT.  Congrats to Heidi and Daniel!  Those bookmarks should last through many good books.


  1. Oooh I can always use a great bookmark! I read constantly!

  2. Hello!

    Love the bookmarks, piggy stories and beautiful quilts! Great job!


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