Friday, September 25, 2015

We Are NOT World Travelers

Chick Weekend included a pair of sows along with the human gals.  Cannoli and Boadicea came along for the ride so I could wrestle pills into Cannoli and track her weight.  Unfortunately, the weekend wasn't quite as fun for them as it was for the humans.

First, it was a long ride down, since I stopped to visit with a friend on the way.  They did so good in the car, but the poor pigs were a bit strung out when we arrived.  (So was I.)  Sorry about that!  I had hoped Noli would recognize the familiar cage and setup since she'd been to the Cape before.  However, she was freaked out over the sounds and lighting.  I'm glad I brought along the Critical Care - she ate so little the first day I mixed some up and she wolfed it down.  Even Boadicea lost some weight (although you wouldn't notice it on that pudgy pig).

It took a full day to unwind.  By Sunday they had calmed down enough to beg for food and occasionally wheek at the fridge.  Cannoli even entertained us by chortling and running around the cage in the evening.  Both of them sucked down hay like nobody's business.  I don't fill the hay holders at home that often!  Added bonus - lots of treats.  My guests brought corn husks, tomatoes and strawberries and were willing to share.  Cannoli and Boadicea were quite pleased to sample any of our leftover veggies.  (The pastry and bread, of course, we kept all to ourselves.)

Even though Noli and Boadi eventually settled in at the Cape, I could tell they were thrilled when we returned home.  They spent several minutes racing up and down the levels in their cage, like they couldn't believe it was all still there.  I know they are homebodies, but was surprised how frazzled they were with a trip to the Cape.  It's partly why they didn't attend the Pignic.  One can only take so much excitement in a week.  Whew!


  1. Great away-from-home setup you got there! Belka's coming along with us for a trip as well (gotta keep up with her meds), although her digs will be much smaller. The downsides of having a compact car.

    1. I joke that their stuff takes up as much room in the care as mine! That's despite the fact that fleece and grids are really compact (compared to the old cages and bedding). Love my hatchback.


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