Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wedgwood Update

Wedgwood has been with us just over three months now.  She's really fitting in.  The little stinker still beats up on Boadicea from time to time, yet she hates being separated from Boadi.  Go figure.  It's like Wedgie feels the need to keep an eye on her.  It's pretty funny.

She's still very talkative - mostly whining, but occasionally there's some genuine wheeking in the morning.  Wedg is far more adventurous with food than Boadi ever was.  Boadi had to check with Cannoli every time I introduced new food.  She'd only eat it if Cannoli was eating it.  Wedgie has no such qualms.  If it's in reach, she'll eat it.  Her weight reflects that!  She is a meaty rodent.

Boadicea continues to give lessons on how to chill.  If Wedgie is napping while I walk by the cage, she barely looks up at me - even if she's sleeping in the open on the third floor.  She has a tendency to dart of something startles her on the floor.  However, if Boadicea isn't running as well, Wedgie will stop after a few steps, turn around, and head back to whatever she was doing.

I love picking her up and holding her.  She's not as loafy and squeezable as Boadi, but she's calm and relaxed.  She eventually gets worked up because she hears Boadi in the cage... and what is that pig doing without my supervision!?!?  Drinking water?  No!  Put me back!  I need to make sure she's doing it right.

Yeah.  So she's a little neurotic.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of her personality emerge now that she's acclimated to our routine. 


  1. oh what a good description of her personality.

  2. Meaty, loafy, squeezable! Your descriptive words had me smiling, much kinder words than I direct at Alfred The Great White Whale, aka FP (fat pig), Your Immenseness, the 1.5kg tub of lard. He has a short wide load, pudding guts and a chunky bum. Wedgie has the most gorgeous little face, her personality shows in her eyes. Oh, don't you just love pigs? I constantly want more of them, the potato chips of the pet world!

  3. What a great description - I feel like I know her :)
    So glad the two are getting along well.


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