Saturday, March 30, 2024

Bye Bye Babies

One last post of the Rice Crispy boys:  the trio of guinea pig baby fosters from Dakin Humane.

The morning that Crackle and Laylla went to back to Dakin I found the three boys stuffed into the tunnel.  I was sorry to break them up, but I was thrilled that the two singletons (Laylla and Crackle) were going to a new home to live with another guinea pig.  

Laylla was very curious when she went in the carrier.  Crackle was hiding behind her.  So at least they got the drive back to Dakin together.

Amazingly, the pair of baby pigs, Snap and Pop, were still with me.  I honestly figured they'd be the first to be adopted.  But I got to keep them for another whole week.

First - a quick flashback of the boys before they split up.  You may have seen the photos of them in the little cups.  We also took some video of them.  Talk about three absolute dopes.

Pretty cute.  We had tired them out a bit, so they stayed in the cups at this point.  (Although you can see Pop clearly contemplating bailing towards the end.)

Even though Pop had been the mama's boy, he did best after the separation.  Snap became very timid after Laylla left.  It took a few days work to get Snap to come to me for treats and he'd run and hide when I came near the cage.  It made me realize how dependent they were an Laylla for cues on how to act and what was safe or scary.

But the one thing both Snap and Pop enjoyed was morning cage cleaning.  Yeah, that is some serious twinkle toes. 

They'd do crazy laps and jumping around at night, but morning had the best popcorning.

It was a privileged fostering these guys.  I was so glad to have the opportunity.  And then they were gone.  These were harder to see go than most.  We'll be pigless for a while, but I'm sure we'll host some more this year. 


  1. You got some great photos and videos of these little guys, Sally! They have been fun to see. Interesting that the one little guy had a little trouble after Laylla left - I never think of these kind of animals being attached to their mama. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  2. It's so sad too see them leave but it's great that they're starting their new lives. I'm sure you miss them already. I know I do!!

  3. Off to new lives because you gave them such a great start :)

  4. Sally - I just showed my husband the video of the boys in the teacups, and we couldn't stop giggling. We had a running commentary about what they might have been thinking, or whispering to each other. And the "popcorn" video - oh my. Adorable. I just don't know how you let them go, but I am so happy that they have had you in their lives - how blessed they are!


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