Thursday, March 28, 2024

I Like Thursday: Marching On

Wow - I've blown through March.  I suspect I'll be spending part of April just catching up!  Lots of likes to share with LeeAnna's I Like Thursday

Ducks!  There's a farm near the bottom of our street, and a sanctuary appropriately named Duck World.  So often I need to stop and wait for assorted fowl to cross the road, but this time I managed to get evidence.  The chickens usually hustle across but the ducks take their sweet time and there are always stragglers.  The turkey and the geese are the worst, though.  They'll stay put and stare you down, daring you to get by them.  Always a chuckle!

March was a month of baby guinea pigs!  These were fun fosters to have.  Mama Laylla and Crackle were adopted mid-March.  Snap and Pop left us for their forever home last weekend.  An empty house for the first time in weeks.  The shelter was interested in my story and interviewed me about my experience.  

We have been talking about installing a stove in the sunroom for years.  A bunch of research and a false start or two later we finally have it.  I was so nervous about the whole thing, especially when there was a hole in the roof.  I had visions of never-ending challenges like the kitchen project.  Not the case here - the guy said this was one of his easiest installations.  Now we'll be able to enjoy the sunroom all year.

Now that my mother lives just a few towns away I see her a lot more often!  Shopping.  Walks.  Taxes (yuck).  I took her to Swanson's, and we explored another new fabric shop in Holyoke called Paper City Fabric.  Met up with my sister for a walk when we came across this cute little shadow box by the side of the trail.  What a sweet bunny family.

We hadn't seen the local piebald deer most of the winter.  Rob handed me the camera one morning and told me to look at the photos.  Ghost!  with friends.  How exciting!  Not a great photo (it was still early morning) but it was great to see him again.

Lots of sewing, too.  Two Project Quilting challenges:  Wearables and Irish Chain.  I fixed up my Citrus quilt and made my Marmalade quilt.  I'm working on my two color mystery quilt.  I'll be very curious what the next clue is (out later today).

Working on a sweatshirt jacket - my original plan with the Project Quilting didn't work, but I've come up with a new idea that seems to be moving along (slowly).  

I'm going to need to put that project on hold for the next few days - it's time to make Easter candy!  That will keep me busy through the end of the month. 


  1. Love the duck parade and bunnies in the box! That's really great that you guys caught Ghost on camera again. Have fun with your sweatshirt project and making candy, too!

  2. I love the idea of a wood stove in your sun room! Clever!

  3. Those ducks!! They look like they should be in a storybook!

  4. I just love the name Duck World and you get to see them sometimes too. That shadow box family is adorable. I so love whimsey randomly found like that. Wonderful that you spend more time on great outings with your Mom too. It is wonderful to now be able to enjoy your sunroom year round...a great update for sure. And how clever you are to be stitching a sweatshirt...amazing, Sally.

  5. How sweet are those ducks and fowl crossing the road. Your sunroom must be a wonderful place to be. Love your new stove!

  6. Love your little guinea pigs. We not that they're going to good homes but it still must be hard to say goodbye. Guess in the meantime you'll just have to be entertained by the duck/turkeys/chickens crossing the road! haha. Beautifully colored fabrics. Time to sew them up! Have a good day!!!


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