Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Floor Time and Zoomies

We returned the last of our foster guinea pigs to Dakin on Saturday.  It was sad.  I keep hearing wheeking whenever I walk into the kitchen.  They had me trained well.

But fear not!  I have two more posts of photos and videos of my adventures with Laylla, Snap, Crackle and Pop.

The babies were still two weeks old when these were shot.  It's amazing how tiny they are, yet how much they had grown in such a short time.

I loved watching how Snap, Crackle and Pop would swarm together, sometimes following mama, and sometimes going out on their own.  And SO much talking!  Burble-burble.

The youngsters were still small enough to get through the grids I had set up behind me, so I was trying to make sure they couldn't get past.  But even my dirty socks weren't going to deter them (especially since they knew Laylla had gotten behind me at some point).  They kept nibbling my socks (and pinching my toes).

Laylla nursed them right up until the morning that she and Crackle returned to Dakin.  The photo in the lower right was taken several days before the others.  They had a hard time tucking under her in the end.  Laylla was getting tired of nursing them.

Zoomies!  Good grief, these guys bounced off each other like billiard balls.  They'd have a racing session like this at least three to five times a day.  I can only imagine what it would have been like if I could have let them on the third level (couldn't baby-proof it, and they were still too small).

I love the magic trick when Snap hits the paper bag and suddenly Pop splits into two piggies.  Snap is also an expert at ninja kicks - he demonstrates at least two of those.  Watching them would make us laugh.

I think Laylla was in heat in the last section of the video, which makes everyone a bit moody.  Laylla just wanted to be left alone and the boys wanted to be near her.  She even kicked them away when they tried to nurse.  That was one noisy evening but things settled down by the next day.

In the few days before Laylla left, she was teaching the boys how to beg for morning lettuce.  The boys got the hang of lining up on the second level, and not running away when I started to hand out lettuce or carrot.  

After Laylla and Crackle departed, Snap and Pop retained the idea of wheeking when we were in the kitchen, but then hid when I came to the cage with food.  Silly pigs.  They obviously did not get enough practice following Laylla before she left.  Shows you what they learn from an adult piggy.  They had just managed to relearn to come to the side of the cage for treats just before they left us. 

The house is so much quieter, now (and less hay all over the place, too!).


  1. Fun videos :) I didn't realize how much they vocalize! Burbling is the right word for it :)

  2. Sad to see them go. I was a treat watching them grow up. Thank you

  3. So fun to see them all together! I would miss them too if I was you.

  4. Oh my goodness, they are cute! You really got some fun photos and videos of these little guys. I can just imagine how quiet the house seems now!


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