Thursday, March 21, 2024

Two Kinds of Marmalade

I'm calling this quilt Marmalade, since it was created with my Citrus Quilt leftovers.  It's a smallish quilt, roughly 16x24" - perfect for hanging on the wall or the front door.  I found a nice piece of blue just the right size for the background.  The layout left a lot of empty blue in the upper right corner that begged to be filled.  Perhaps some appliqued circles?  Naw - needed more squiggles.  

I have often admired quilts that continue the pattern of the piecing or applique into the quilting.  I've always wanted to try that - and this was my opportunity.  I found some yellow, green and orange thread, drew a rough outline of what I wanted and started quilting. 

What do you think?  Really fun.  It looks better in person.

Quilting this was a dream.  I had to play around with the bobbin tension, but there wasn't a skipped stitch the whole time.  I can't tell you how nice it was to focus simply on the design and not have to stop every few inches to see if I needed to tie off and start again.  (Especially filling in that corner spot.)

Doesn't look quite as much as The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The bright blue binding goes really nicely with the background.  It's square and flat and the stitching is mostly even.  One of my better executed pieces - I'm really pleased with the result.  Marmalade is on my wall now but it will need a home at some point.   


The second kind of marmalade:  I'm not a big orange lover, but I bought a few on sale.  They had been around for a month or so it appeared I wasn't going to eat them.  I didn't want them to go to waste; preserves seemed to be the quick answer.  Well, that was an adventure. 

I sliced them thin and quartered the slices, then put them in a pot with water to sit overnight.  The oranges looked so good when I was cutting them, I wanted to eat them all right then!  I went wrong somewhere in next bit of the recipe, though.  It took forever to get up to temperature.  The results taste delicious but are probably closer to being candied peels than jam.  I made mental notes in case I want to try this again.  But three and a half little jars of marmalade - not a bad result. 

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  1. Marmalade is a fun name for this quilt, Sally! I love the quilting design you did that echos the squiggle and its colors. It looks great on the back, too. Nice finish!

  2. The movement has a very cheery vibe! The marmalade looks delicious.

  3. Love both Marmalades, the quilt and the jars! You've been busy. The quilting design is just perfect!

  4. Yes to the name Marmalade! I think having the design move all the way down is perfect. Remember the fuss when Frida Kahlo let her painting extend into the has no boundaries kind of thing. Perfect blue for those colours too. I love marmalade...yours made my mouth water!

  5. Great idea to add a ghost "caterpillar" with your quilting. It does help balance the overall composition.

  6. What a fun quilt - and I LOVE that quilting idea in the corner!!! How fun to carry the design out on that one!! I can see those orange jelly candies... but I can also see gummy worms haha!!


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