Thursday, April 4, 2024

Rick Rack Ripples

I'm riding a wave of finishes - and this was the quilt that kicked it off.  I'm late to post about it, though, because it was only recently sent.  (The package needed some Easter candy for ballast.)

This is called Rick Rack Ripples.  My cousin asked for blue, green and yellow.  I love the color combination. 

My original plan was to make each ripple with multiple fabrics.  I liked the fabrics, but disliked how they looked together.  What didn't look good on the front looks great on the backing!  I used all cut squares to create the big strip across the back.

I'm really glad went with a single color for each row.  The contrast makes everything pop.  But at some point when I had it mostly pieced together I realized how many dark batiks were in this quilt.  I was worried they would bleed all over the yellow and white.  I ended up soaking both the back strip and the front flimsy to get out the extra dye.  (I also discovered teal sends dye longer than anything else!)  It was an unexpected delay with the quilt, but well worth it.  Now I know it won't bleed over the light colors.

The binding is inky blue, light green and just a tiny pinch of yellow.  I've had the fabric for years because I loved it, but could never find the right project to use it in.  It goes perfect with this!


The quilting pattern was fairly simple.  Blue and green got their own pattern; yellow and white shared the same looping pattern.  I really like how it looks on the back.   

Perfect for Spring!


  1. Rick Rack Ripples is beautiful, Sally! I've enjoyed following along as you worked on it. Your pieced backing is a lot of fun and the quilting really finishes it off. Hope your cousin loves this quilt!

  2. Such a pretty quilt. Those colors are so cheery and I love the pieced backing.

  3. Beautiful quilt. The movement of colors is a nice change from angular blocks.

  4. Beautiful finish! The colors look so good!

  5. So cheerful and colorful - and I LOVE what you did on the back! The wavy/loopy quilted pattern combined with the single color AND the angular stripe section is fantastic!

  6. Yes, a wave of finished indeed, Sally! This one is just delightful. I'm sure your cousin will be so happy with it.

  7. Ric Rac Ripples is fantastic, Sally...front and back. Love too, the quilting you did. It must be a relief with all the soaking that the colours didn't bleed into each other.


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