Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Snowy Respite

It was snowing as I started writing this.  It makes everything quieter - in part because the snow muffles, and in part because there's less traffic on the road.  The birds are busy.  They've descended on all my feeders.  I just topped off my window feeders to keep them happy.  Nuthatches are being goofy.  Cardinals are quarrelsome, attempting to keep the big feeder to themselves.

But there is peace, even if it's just here, in my back yard, for the afternoon.  I need this so much.

Why?  I am generally not a sensitive person (heck, I'm known to be blunt and occasionally tactless).  I enjoy my diverse set of Facebook friends:  young and old, conservative and liberal, from school, childhood, dancing, guinea pigs, work, from different parts of the country.  I read their differing opinions, noting what they find funny or important.  It lets me think and consider different points of view.

The hate and outrage radiating from Facebook over the weekend made me weep.  I actually broke down and cried.  It was brief, but it happened.  It felt like people were gleefully posting anything to support their righteous outrage.  Facts, hearsay; it didn't matter.  From all sides:  you're idiots, losers, crybabies, this is right, this is wrong.  All from people I like, or respect or care about.  My heart and head were overwhelmed that all these people I know could hate each other this much.  I believe people (to the point of being gullible), and now I couldn't believe anything I was reading.  I was so close to adding my own status to the fray - "You can all f*ck yourselves" - and logging out.

Not really an answer.  Not that anyone would care, anyway. 

Monday and Tuesday I mostly avoided my feeds; skimmed the news.  Read some fluffy posts.  Took heart from a friend or three that talked about their own personal actions in this turbulence rather than a cut-and-pasted inflammatory comment from a friend of a friend of a friend.  No hate.  No name calling.  Deep breath.

I am still so sad.  I fear what we, as a nation, will do to ourselves.  I try to focus on the bright spots, try to be ready for whatever comes next, hope I can do what's necessary.

But for now there is snow, a little peace, and happy birds.


  1. Maybe if everyone had guinea pigs the world would be a happier place. As George Eliot said, "Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." God bless you Sally!

  2. We didn't have all this hatred before... there's a reason it's here now.

    I am way too sensitive to cope with all the hatred. I think it's a good thing to limit it. We sensitive types need to take care now. People feel their freedoms are in jeopardy so they are angry. People expect it to be like previous administrations when we still had a voice. This is the first time in my life I am worried for my country and freedoms. It has sapped my creativity. So sad.

    Limit the imput. Drop FB and Twitter especially until order is restored. Take care of yourself. I'm with you sister. Serenity now.

  3. I know. I have a lot of practice at focusing on the positive and riding out the negative in my life, but these times are challenging on so many levels. (((HUG)))

  4. This is a very difficult and trying time. Most of my facebook friends are quilting related and it is as if we have all made a pact to stick to the quilting aspects of life. So I have not been assaulted by facebook tho I do receive news updates on line all the time to the point where I think the world has gone crazy. PS my daughter loved cavies when she was a girl. Hang in there!


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