Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Dry erase designs
It was a learning weekend.  Did I accomplish anything?  Hard to say, since I spent way more time undoing or fixing my work than actually working.  Frustrating.  Discouraging.  But there's no permanent damage; I think I have a new and better plan of how quilt.

First was my really stupid mistake.  I've been reading about using dry erase markers on plastic/acrylic to work out quilting designs.  Many articles described taping the edge of the plastic with a dark or bright color, so you know where to stop drawing.  Why would I do that?  I can clearly see where the plastic stops.  That worked so well... right until I was so focused on the feel of the design that whoops!  there went the pen right off the edge.  At least I had been smart enough to buy a washable dry erase marker.  Plus the color wasn't too different than the fabric I a marked.  So I've learned my lesson - all of my plastic will be edged in hot pink duct tape before I put it near any fabric again!  Ugh.

I also learned that washable dry erase markers aren't that washable.  I roughed up the fabric a bit getting it all out.  But unless I point out where I wrote on the fabric, it's not noticeable.  

I picked a variegated thread and started quilting between the branches of the tree.  The puffy leaves were difficult to stitch around.  Even with all the basting I ended up with a couple of puckers.  As I ripped out the puckered areas, I decided I wasn't happy with the quilting pattern (too tight) and I wasn't happy with the variegated thread.  I spent the evening ripping everything but the outline around the tree.  An hour of work to put it in - two to three hours to pull it all out.  Ouch.  But I didn't snag any of the fabric in the front; glad to know I can rip without causing damage.

I bought some new thread on Sunday.  I spent 15 minutes in front of the thread display trying to decide between two shades of blue.  Really?  Then I steamed out some of the needles holes, pinned down the area (I didn't feel like re-basting all of it) and have it set to quilt again.

Been busy the last day or two - although a brainstorming session with my sister resulted in picking the binding for this quilt and color arrangements for the baby quilt.  Progress!   I hope to get back to quilting this during the week.

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